Saturday, August 9, 2008

August 9, 2008


Another week already! Where does the time go? We just got back from a ceremony in a community call Manda. We were invited as special guests. It’s always interesting to go and see what happens. We were escorted by some of the local police. In truth, we had bodyguards! I ask….do we need protection? I think it was more a gesture of honor. We love these people!

We have been without water for 2 days now. Normally we get water delivered one day a week. It is pumped to the roof and stored in metal tanks. But with the water shortage we haven’t gotten water in 3 weeks. It’s becoming a real concern through out Jordan. We hope we get some soon. We have several 5 gallon jugs of water stored for this very reason. Thank goodness for listening to the Prophets! We have been really pushing to get the Water Project done this month. Not only for the water purification aspect of it, but the project will include several large water storage tanks that will be a major benefit to the people.

It’s late! And I’m tired……didn’t get much sleep last night. There was a loud wedding street party going on last night, or should I say into the early morning hours. All the normal celebrating!

We love and appreciate you all. Thank you for the support and love we feel from all of you.


Your Jordan Missionaries

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