Friday, August 29, 2008

August 29, 2008

MarHaBA Dear Family and Friends,

Where to start? So many things going on I really don’t know where to start. Time is rushing by so fast. I started writing this letter on the 15th and then again on the 22nd and now here it is the 29th. I’m determined to get something written today. All through the week we think of things we could share with you and then when it comes to writing it all down, my mind goes blank!

The last few weeks we have attended several ceremonies for the distribution of the Wheelchairs to the handicap and several more ceremonies for the distribution of the Humanitarian goods to the needy. It’s always humbling to be apart of that. But, the thing we enjoy the most, is going into the individual homes, meeting the families and getting to visit with the people. That’s the most rewarding part of our work…….Seeing lives change and hope given to those that have so little. We are blessed to represent all those that give to the humanitarian cause throughout the world and witness those that benefit from their giving.

Yesterday we were in Al Himma making another inspection of the water project. The temperature in the Jordan Valley was way up in the 100’s with lots of humidity. It never occurred to me that Jordan would have this much humidity! But it does! Jordan has such a variety of terrain and weather. It’s one of the things so intriguing about Jordan. The villages we are doing the water project in is within throwing distance of Israel. The Yarmouk River, which is very low at this time, is the border between Jordan and Israel in the north. On Israel’s side is a huge Banana tree Farm. It’s an impressive site. The contrast of green against the brown barren mountains is shocking! It is a perfect rectangle shape on the side of the mountain that you can see for miles and miles as you come over the opposite mountains into the valley. We have been spending a lot of time trying to get this project up and running. It’s finally starting to come together and should be completed within the month! So many obstacles along the way! So many things out of our control! Who would have thought this would have taken this long? Not us! But we have been told by the water specialists that water projects usually take over a year and more. But, you know how dad is? When he starts something he is determine to get it done! We have learned so much about things that we would have never expected to be involved with.

Last Saturday we had another Humanitarian Container come into Jordan. We distributed this one to the villages near the Dead Sea. It was so hot! We had to wait 4 hours for the truck to get there. The truck broke down on the way up from Aqaba. What are we going to do with these truck drivers? It’s always something! But after the truck finally got there we unloaded the whole thing in 2 hours. Our record! Everyone was great! This was the best container yet! Every society working together…. helping each other load their individual trucks to take to their communities to distribute.

We are approaching Ramadan. Starting Monday the Muslims have a 30 day fast which is called Ramadan. They fast each day between sunrise and sunset. During the night they feast and celebrate with their families and friends. I remember last year right after we got here it was Ramadan. No body is allowed to eat in public even if you aren’t Muslim. We heard of several incidents last year of people being put in jail because of being seen eating in public. Everything slows down during this time because most people are home sleeping during the day until it is time to break their fast which they call “breakfast.” All through the night there will be big celebrations in the streets with shouting, loud music and lots and lots of food! Oh well! We are getting use to all the celebrating that goes on around here! We just turn our fan on high, close the windows and sleep with a pillow over our head instead of under.

We pray that all is well with you. We enjoy hearing from you and appreciate getting news from home. It’s nice to feel somewhat connected!
Thank you for you prayers and the support we feel from you. We have been blessed and we have been stretched!
I like this quote.....

“To get you from where you are to where the Lord wants you to be
Requires a lot of stretching ……and that generally entails some
discomfort and pain” Elder Richard G. Scott

We love you!

Love, Your Jordan Missionaries

Saturday, August 9, 2008

August 9, 2008


Another week already! Where does the time go? We just got back from a ceremony in a community call Manda. We were invited as special guests. It’s always interesting to go and see what happens. We were escorted by some of the local police. In truth, we had bodyguards! I ask….do we need protection? I think it was more a gesture of honor. We love these people!

We have been without water for 2 days now. Normally we get water delivered one day a week. It is pumped to the roof and stored in metal tanks. But with the water shortage we haven’t gotten water in 3 weeks. It’s becoming a real concern through out Jordan. We hope we get some soon. We have several 5 gallon jugs of water stored for this very reason. Thank goodness for listening to the Prophets! We have been really pushing to get the Water Project done this month. Not only for the water purification aspect of it, but the project will include several large water storage tanks that will be a major benefit to the people.

It’s late! And I’m tired……didn’t get much sleep last night. There was a loud wedding street party going on last night, or should I say into the early morning hours. All the normal celebrating!

We love and appreciate you all. Thank you for the support and love we feel from all of you.


Your Jordan Missionaries

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