Friday, January 11, 2008

January 11, 2008 Friday

As-Sa laam ALeekum ....Hello, Peace Be Upon You

Can you believe it is already mid-January? This week we have hit the ground running! With the Muslim holiday Eid over and our Christmas and New Year behind us now we are back to work and catching up with reports. We had many good opportunities to give during the holidays with heaters, blankets and Humanitarian kits. So many grateful people! We had asked our church members to think about some families in their neighborhoods that were in need. We told them we had set aside some humanitarian items that we had ordered in our last container so they as families could go and seek out those in need and distribute the items as they saw fit. I think some were a little surprised that they were given that opportunity. We have felt strongly about getting the members more involved and helping them serve others. It is often very hard for them to think past their own needs and their own 'wants.' But by recognizing the needs of others they will realize how blessed they really are, and by serving.... they become more aware of others around them and learn to 'love' with action! It's a win-win situation! The people that live here know the needs better than us.... we just need to help some of them want to reach out and give!

We pray that all of you are off to a good new year and enjoying the opportunities of setting goals and planning "new beginnings" I have always appreciated the New Year tradition of setting new year resolutions. It's like having a new start or new beginning in life. Somehow it brings 'hope' and 'excitement' as we challenge ourselves to be better. I love the statement that Elder Neal A Maxwell said, "God loves you to much to leave you where we are now... He knows you and what you are capable of." I find much comfort in that statement along with other quotes that I
have kept in my scriptures and read often.....

"Remember... Life is a journey.....we are not here to stay. We are not here to stay in the same place, the same situation or the same phase of life. We must move on! So much of who we are is where we have been." -Pres. Hinckley

"The reason why we are here.... is to see if we still choose His plan"

Well, excuse me for getting off on all that. I think it is mostly for me.... to remind myself of what I want to do, and to be, as I strive to become a better person in the year 2008. Thank you all for your goodness and all the support you give each other and us, your Jordan missionaries. We love you all and pray that this year will be your best ever!!!!

Love, Your Jordan Missionaries

Friday, January 4, 2008

MarHa ba.
Hope you enjoy the pictures and our account of the past few weeks with Laura.