Saturday, April 19, 2008

April 18, 2008 Friday

As Sa lamu Aleekum (Hello, Peace be upon you)

Well, it has been another week already! We are getting ready for our Zone Conference this coming week. We will be hosting the conference here again. We will have the new couple from Egypt, the couple from Syria and the new couple from Lebanon. There is finally a humanitarian couple back in Lebanon. It was very uncertain for a while because of all the unrest in the country. Remember, we were first called to serve in Lebanon. I’m glad we are here in Jordan. We have seen the Lord’s hand in this decision. I am truly grateful for knowing that. Isn’t it amazing how He works things out? I’m so glad He is the one really in charge. That is…. if we let Him!
We constantly look at each other and say…. “We are in Jordan”!

Today at church we showed one of the sessions of conference that was translated in Arabic, because none of the members had seen conference at all. We had to get it separately recorded in Arabic. When it started one of our members started crying because the voice she heard was her son (He was the one translating the Arabic for all the Arabic speaking members’ through-out the world) Houda has not seen her son in almost 2 years. It was such a treat to sit and watch the members listen to a voice they knew once belonged to their little branch. Dad and I followed the speakers with our notes we took watching it in English. When President Monson, President Eyring and President Uchtdorf was first called in February I printed out their pictures with their names and posted them up in the church so the members could see who their new First Presidency was. It was good to see them look at the video and then at the pictures and relate to who was who. We just take for granted what we know and understand.

We are grateful for the experience serving here. We are grateful for the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and to have the opportunities to feel His Atonement in our lives. We have seen it work! We have felt the power that comes in allowing Him to take charge and lead us though our uncertainties. We are truly blessed to feel His love and guidance in our efforts to serve here in Jordan. Particularly we are blessed to know He is watching over you, our children while we are away. That is a great comfort to us, to know you are all in “HIS HANDS” and under Heavens watchful eye.

We love you all so much! We pray for you and think of you constantly!

"The Lord can do remarkable miracles with a person of ordinary ability
who is humble, faithful, and diligent in serving the Lord and seeks to
improve himself." President James E. Faust

Dad and Mom... Your Jordan Missionaries

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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Friday, April 11

Keef HaLeek…..

Today was our Sabbath. We had a choice experience today. We had a young man graduate from primary. Yay! He was ordained a deacon this morning. Since our little branch is a little out of the ordinary from some of the other units throughout the world it was decided to ordained and sustain him in sacrament meeting in the hopes to set an example to the others to follow and even some of the older men who have not received the priesthood yet. It was such a sweet experience to look upon his face and see his excitement. As he took his place in front of the sacrament table with much reverence and humility, I was struck with emotion. My thought was…… “here” is the future for Jordan.

These past few weeks have been a “roller coaster ride”. Starting with a three day experience with Jordan’s customs and the “Secret Police”, known as the MaHabRot . This is not your friendly neighborhood policemen. Hours and hours of questioning! I thought for sure Dad was going to be taken away to “who knows where”. We were trying to get some educational supplies that were sent from the USA into Jordan. The Humanitarian Department has a creative program for children and even adults to educate them with health issues. It is a puppet presentation with a fold out stage. The puppets have names such as Alcohol, Tobacco, Drugs ….. do you get the picture? Well, imagine those labels written on shipments papers coming into Jordan along with “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints". Which we are not allowed to send any religious material into the country. No wonder, WE were being questioned and interviewed???? But, finally after opening the package, explaining the contents, allowing the officials to play with the puppets, many silent prayers and holding our breath.... then, a breath could be taken! All is well! Dad was able to “walk”. The supplier was NOT thinking, I guess? We are working with several communities who are planning Health Fairs. We suggested they use their schools and teachers to do this puppet demonstration to help educate their community. This is how it all started! (I know Dad sent you the written statement that he sent to our area office and then was sent on to Salt Lake to the Presiding Bishopric concerning this issue. Just thought you would like to know some of the story behind it.) It has been a learning experience for sure!

A few days after that ordeal we had a car run into the back of us. (That story is on the newsletter page) Then with several other “challenging” (as Granddad use to say) opportunities, we just felt like going home and hiding in our apartment. But we didn’t. We faced the sun …..and moved forward!

Well, enough of that. We sure love all of you and pray you feel the Lord’s love and strength in your daily lives. Thank you for you support and prayers.

Thought: "When you get knocked down....
The only way to stand ....
is to kneel."

Your Jordan Missionaries

This weeks newsletter