Saturday, March 22, 2008

March 21, 2008 Friday


Today is Mother’s day here in Jordan. So, being in Jordan we wish all of you mothers a “Happy Mother’s Days. It’s hard to believe it is also Easter this Sunday. So … Happy Easter as well! We celebrated both today since it is our Sabbath day.

We have been blessed with beautiful spring weather and have been able to take walks after we get home in the evenings. As we walk we like to greet the people in Arabic greetings, but everyone wants to use their few English phrases with us so they greet us back in English. The most popular phrases are …. “What’s your name?” “How are you?” “I am fine, thank you?” It’s so sweet to hear them try to talk to us in English. We have been surprise how many people we come across that know who we are. But, I guess being the only Americans in a small town word gets around, uh?

It’s late and we have an early appointment in the morning. But, I want to express how much we appreciate the love and support we feel from you all. Most important the Love and support we have felt from the Lord as we struggle to understand our role in all this. I’m beginning to understand more and more the role the atonement has in my own personal life and in our family’s life. The miracle is that it works! How does it work? I don’t know? But, when the PEACE comes….. and, HOPE replaces the doubts and fears …… it is the tender mercies of the Lord….. It is the Atonement. The pure LOVE of ONE who has felt it all. For this, I am so grateful for. How could we do this without him? We often try though, don’t we?

We love you all so much and constantly pray that you will feel that. We know the Lord will bless each one of you and help you in all that you do. May we all trust in Him and feel His love.

Remember who you are”

Dad and Mom .... Your Jordan Missionaries

This weeks newsletter

Friday, March 7, 2008

March 7, 2008 Friday


This evening we got a call from our Branch President. He invited us over to visit with him, his family and other relatives. As we drove up we saw chairs and people every where. We looked at each other and just had to smile! Oh, the memories of being back in Kentucky on those warm Sunday evenings with chairs clustered together, good family conversation and laughter. It was an enjoyable evening as we talked… but mostly listening to the jabbering of Arabic and sharing the laughter. We thought of all of you.

Today after church we attended another Muslim wedding celebration out in the eastern desert. After we arrived I was escorted to the women, dad to the men. Of course we were fed and guess what? Yes, Mansif again. The bride was sitting on her throne in a white glittery gown. Yes, they have thrones that they sit on. They place them on a stage-like platform as the other women dance around chanting and admiring the bride. The bride looks like a porcelain doll. They powder the bride down with a white glittery powder and paint her face with heavy make-up. The hair is fixed up and she is adorned with gold jewelry. Most all of the other women will take off their head dresses and let their hair fall loose. This is the one time they can dress in gowns and other party dresses. Of course there are no men allowed. After the celebration everything gets put back on and the women are then covered from head to toe as they leave.

We got two more projects approved this week. One will be a Health Fair in a community called Fayha and the other is another Wheelchair container. We are staying busy and trying to be productive and wise in our efforts. Keep praying for us!

Today was warm and spring is in the air. It’s exciting!
We sure love you all. We miss you! Have a wonderful week!

Quote: "The harder the conflict the more glorious the triumph ......
What we obtain too cheap we esteem too lightly."

Dad and Mom.... your Jordan Missionaries

This weeks newsletter

Saturday, March 1, 2008

February 29, 2008 Friday

MarHaBa ……Keef Hal Leek?

The end of February all ready? Where does the time go? It is so hard to believe we are approaching March with Spring on the horizon. We are told that Jordan is beautiful in the spring with green covering the country side with the accent of beautiful colored wild flowers. It is already starting to get green here. It doesn’t look like the same place. We love our drives through-out Jordan and seeing the different areas that make up this wonderful country, the mountains to the deserts…… the valleys to the rolling hills. But every place has its share of rock and stone. We have enjoyed a few warmer days lately with the sun shinning and the temperature getting warmer. It’s great to feel warmth again.

Great news! We just got our big water project approved through Salt Lake. It first had to go through Germany and the area President then to the Water Specialists and finally to Church Head Quarters. It’s been a long process. We have been preparing and working on it for the past few months. We are excited to get started and put the plans in motion. This will be the first for Jordan in that area. Clean water is a real concern here. If this is successful it will be a pattern for many others through out the Middle East.

Elder Robert C. Oaks our Area President will be here in Jordan tomorrow. We are looking forward visiting with him. We will only have him here a day. He is touring all the Middle Eastern countries. There are some real concerns with Lebanon and Syria. Trying to determine whether putting missionaries back in those countries or not. Remember…. we were first called to serve in Lebanon and then we were changed to Jordan. We will see what happens! We are grateful to be here in Jordan and having the opportunities we have had so far.

We are so blessed. We often ask ourselves….. Why us? We have grown and stretched in so many ways. We have learned a lot and often don’t feel qualified to do the things we have done. But, we keep trying! And keep learning! I love the quote from Pres. Monson. Which has become a constant prayer of ours.

“Don’t pray for the task equal to your ability…..
But, for your abilities to equal your task

We love you and miss you all.

Your Jordan Missionaries