Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008

MarHaBa to all our wonderful children and grandchildren.

It's been a busy week. We are just getting over bing sick. A little food poisoning. NO Fun! But we are better now. Just in time to go to Egypt. We will be gone the whole week with training and some sight seeing. Fun Huh? Hope you all are well. We sure love you and constantly pray for you! We will report to you all when we get back to Jordan.

Dad and Mom

This weeks newsletter- page 1

This weeks newsletter- page 2


Bill & Freddie Ann said...
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Bill & Freddie Ann said...

We didn't know you all had a blog...now that we know we'll have to check it out now & then, if you don't mind! I know you write this for your family. We have one too that we use to keep up with the girls. If you ever want to check it out feel free to do so. http://billandfreddieannburnett.blogspot.com/
We think about you often and you're in our prayers every day! :)